Plans have been submitted for Sherford’s biggest stage of development yet.

Phase 3A&B is a monumental step forward for the growing new town – and the largest addition to Sherford in terms of scale and number of homes.  


Of the three neighbourhoods being created within Sherford as a whole, the Phase 3A&B neighbourhood is set to have a distinct ‘village’ feel to it.

Over 1,024* new homes will be built in this new section, with a variety of house types and designs that reflect a village look and feel. 

Located on the Eastern edge of Sherford, this new section will span 45-hectares of land (450,000m2) and marks one of the most ambitious and significant stages of the development to date. The award-winning new community is being brought to life by the Sherford Consortium – a partnership between Taylor Wimpey, Countryside Partnerships and Vistry Housebuilding. 

Phase 3A&B will be surrounded by open green space, including the scenic South Hams landscape of Sherford’s expanding Country Park. In total, it will provide 35-hectares (350,000m2) of publicly accessible green space and communal areas, which includes Sherford Stream Valley, urban parks, playgrounds, wildflower meadows, avenues of trees, and vast amounts of parkland. 

This next chapter unlocks even more land within the Country Park, which will eventually span 500-acres. Phase 3A&B provides a valuable connection to the ‘Northern slopes’ part of the park, enabling quick and easy access to the great outdoors. 


This new phase of the Country Park will make the most of a stunning natural feature – Sherford Stream – to create a natural pool, open watercourses and aquatic plants. Grass and wildflowers meadows, mature and new trees, and Devon hedges will feature amongst this extensive and impressive park.  


There will be footpath and cycle path connections through the new phase, with around 5 kilometres of new cycle routes created, providing access out into the countryside. These new routes will connect to the Country Park, the National Cycle Network, and areas under development in the second phase of Sherford – such as the Community Park Hub and the ‘edible edge’, which includes community gardens, an orchard, and allotments.  


Family-friendly in every way, this new phase of Sherford will have multiple play areas for children, with three playgrounds kitted out with an array of play equipment. These play zones are all located within a band of green space stretching around the perimeter of Phase 3A&B and connected by footpaths.  


Within the new residential areas will be a number of urban parks, which means all homes are in close proximity to green space, places to play and relax. The communal spaces in Phase 3A&B will have different characters based on their location. One park will embrace its natural surroundings of Sherford Stream, to create a habitat for plants and creatures that thrive in moist soil conditions. This will be set alongside meandering paths, seats, and a focal point with a difference: snail sculptures! 


Sherford is known for putting sustainability at its heart – and indeed recently won a Sustainability and Social Impact Award (Insider Residential Property Awards 2023). Phase 3A&B is no exception; as well as delivering attractive and functional green space, there is a bold biodiversity strategy planned. ‘Wildlife corridors’ will be created to connect and maintain habitats for wildlife, including Sherford’s bat population.  


Wildlife meadows, native woodland, hedgebanks and wetlands will provide important ecological enhancements that boost biodiversity. Bird and bat boxes within the development and Country Park will also create homes for wildlife within the new town. A huge amount of new woodland will be planted – totalling 4.5-hecatres (45,000m2) – which will also create new habitats, enable wildlife to flourish, and deliver massive environmental benefits by capturing carbon.  


Noel Staunton, Managing Director of Taylor Wimpey Exeter, part of the Sherford Consortium, said: “This major new phase at Sherford is a significant step forward and cements this new town as an outstanding place to live, work and socialise. Surrounded by green space and with a village feel, residents will have all the benefits of living in a modern town, while being in the heart of stunning South Hams countryside too. The vision has always been to create a unique, vibrant and sustainable community and Phase 3A&B will deliver this and more.” 


Peter Sadler, Managing Director of Countryside Partnerships South West, part of the Sherford Consortium, added: “With a town centre, leisure centre, schools, community facilities, abundant green space and much more planned, Sherford is not only one of the largest new developments in the South West, but also one of the most exciting and ambitious too. There is a bright future ahead for Sherford and it is a privilege to create this one-of-a-kind new town.”  


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