AN open meeting to discuss Devon County Council's plans to stop the mobile library service across the county will be held at Coldridge Village Hall on Wednesday, August 9.

The mobile library visits the remote village of Coldridge on a regular basis and many members of the community use the service.

The open meeting, which has been organised by Coldridge Parish Clerk on behalf of Coldridge Parish Council, will take place from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

The meeting is for anyone to come up with ideas and suggestions for things which can be done to help residents access library books as and when the mobile library is closed.

Local resident John Smith said: "As you will know from recent correspondence, petitions and articles, our fantastic service is under dire threat of imminent, permanent closure.

"The meeting is open to all and the aim is not only to discuss the closure, but mainly to address other ways and means to make library books available to all who need them but who have no way of visiting a static library (e.g. Crediton).

"Please come along to the meeting.

"Libraries are vital services and provide human contact, enlightenment, education and the sheer fun and 'hands-on' experience of holding a book and digesting its contents, whether that be serious, informative, mentally-stimulating, funny or intriguing, vital for people of all ages, from cradle to grave.

"The Mobile Library is/was incredibly important for children and for the non-driving elderly. It is/was incredibly convenient and ecologically beneficial for the rest of us."