AN appeal for volunteer drivers has been made by Nynehead Court residential care home to help its staff get to work.

With temperatures dropping and stormy weather hitting the headlines, the home’s staff have been struggling to reach work on time, if at all.

Nynehead Court provides essential care for elderly and vulnerable people who would be at risk should staff be unable to reach work.

To ensure residents continue to receive the care they need, Nynehead Court is hoping to build a bank of volunteer 4x4 drivers who can be called upon at short notice to help staff travel to and from work.

Home manager Joanne Fenn said: “Our staff are a resourceful and determined group, especially when it comes to the welfare of our residents, but even they find travelling difficult during the extreme winter conditions.

“If anybody would like to offer their services as a volunteer driver, we would be most grateful, and your mileage will be paid.

“Please get in touch with the home if you can help us.”