Mel should take PM’s advice!

Friday 8th November 2013 12:00 am

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A LETTER from constituent Paula Mossman sent to Mel Stride, MP for Central Devon:

DEAR Mr Stride

It is with shock and disgust that I read you are charging over £3,222 a year to the tax paying public to heat your central Devon home when Neil Parish from the adjacent constituency charges around £100 and more than 300 MP's charge nothing at all.

Pensioners will inevitably die again this winter through not being able to adequately heat small modest homes and there will once again be people, probably in your constituency, who have to choose between food and fuel in the coldest months yet you, our MP, charge an outrageous sum to heat your central Devon house which you only use part time as a second home.

Can I suggest you follow the advice of your party leader and that you and your family "put on an extra jumper" and stop this chronic manipulation of public funds to serve your own ends?

Paula Mossman

Cheriton Fitzpaine


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