IN response to Mark Wooding ("Courier" letter, June 22), I would suggest that voters look carefully at the results for Central Devon for the last two general elections before deciding where to place a tactical vote.

As a Labour party supporter in Mid Devon, prior to 2010 I might vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats in a general election. Since the coalition Government of 2010-2015, whose disastrous austerity measures undoubtedly led to many of the social problems we are now experiencing, I would not even consider it now.

Regardless of that, in 2015 the Labour party won more votes than the Liberal Democrats.

In 2017 Labour came second, and in 2019 it cemented its position as the clear contender to win the seat from the Tories.

I am pleased to be a Labour supporter who no longer has to tactically vote for another party in order for my vote to count.

Morwenna Rogers