WHAT is Devon County Council thinking of with its planning to introduce parking meters on Crediton High Street?

Some of the shops are finding it difficult to trade as it is, if this goes ahead, it will be a death knell to the town.

To give 20/30 minutes free parking is not going to work for people coming in from villages etc. 

As it is, with the talk of some retail businesses coming to the trading estate (near the Tesco supermarket), it could do a lot of damage to the town. 

We are encouraged to shop locally to keep these little businesses going, so I can’t understand the thinking of those people in Devon County Council not wanting to preserve these small towns, they are unique and should be treasured.

There are a lot of people who work in the town, and with that goes the deliveries to the shops etc. What will happen to them, and to the empty buildings?

Yes we can email and make our feelings known, knowing that whatever we say it will go ahead anyway.  So much for democracy. 

But, I urge you all to have your say, that way we can say we at least tried.

C Gregory