A 16-year-old girl who fell from her horse onto a road near Crediton after the horse was spooked by a car has now received hate mail about the incident.

Charlotte Wilson was riding her horse “Savanna” on her usual hack route from Sandford to Black Dog at about 2pm on Friday, July 6, when a red car, driving at speed, almost hit her and the horse.

Charlotte told the “Courier”: “My usual route usually takes around half-an-hour and I was almost home.

“My mare ‘Savanna’ is super chilled and lovely to hack out.

“I was out alone and joined the road from Signpost junction.

“I was clearly noticeable once I’d joined the road but someone going well over the speed limit in a small red car saw me yet didn’t have time to stop and his only other option, other than hitting me and Savanna was to keep going.

“He came so close almost brushing my stirrup.

“The car didn’t even have time to slow down.

“This caused Savanna to rear and spin backwards, throwing me to the ground.

“My foot got caught awkwardly in the saddle and I was dragged back down the hill on the Tarmac road for about 10 metres.

“The driver never stopped. I went unconscious and woke to people surrounding me.

“These people stayed with me for more than an hour until the ambulance arrived.

“I cannot thank these lovely people enough, especially Katie Kingsland.

“After being put on morphine and tramadol and having five different x-rays, I was released from hospital after five or so hours.

“Luckily I have come away with a bashed and cut face, both legs cut and bruised, my neck muscles pulled, a battered and bruised shoulder and concussion.

“My hat has cracked all the way through, so this really highlights the importance of wearing a hat.

“I’m furious as riding accidents whilst on the road is increasing nationally and I’m another one that gets added to the list.

“I don’t see how speeding and driving recklessly down country roads appeals to anyone.

“To not even stop shows the driver is a coward.

“I really hope a change can be made to stop accidents like this happening but sadly it’s a big job to do so.

“Thank you so much for the people that stopped and looked after me and ‘Savanna’, thank you to the paramedics and staff at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. I’m so grateful, and thank you also ‘Savanna’ who stayed by my side whilst I was unconscious.”

Speaking to Charlotte today, she explained that the police have said that they do not have enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

Charlotte’s mother Ali, said she was “horrified” that since she has made the incident public, Charlotte has received hate mail and messages saying that she shouldn’t have been riding on the road and other messages which were hate-related.