IDEAS to brighten up part of Yeoford were put forward when Mid Devon District Councillor Sandy Chenore reported on plans to paint a mural on Yeoford railway bridge. 

She was telling members of Crediton Hamlets Parish Council about this at its September meeting and all agreed this would brighten the bridge and make it a more attractive feature. 

Cllr Chenore is working with an artist and looking for ideas and support from local residents and children.  An update will be given at a future meeting.  She said it was hoped for something to happen next spring. 

Cllr Chenore is to pursue hopes for the second platform to be re-opened at Yeoford railway station to serve the Okehampton line. 

It was agreed there is much local support.  Councillors suggested that Network Rail could change points on the line instead so that Okehampton trains and the Tarka Line trains could both use the existing platform.  At present the Okehampton trains do not stop at Yeoford.  

Cllr Chenore is writing a letter to Network Rail with a resident and will report back to the parish council. 


She also reported that plans were coming together for a Festival of Light in December again this year at Yeoford.  The children’s carol procession will be on Thursday, December 7 and the competition for the best house lights is to run during December with a judging date to be announced.

Cllr Chenore told the council she had met with the local Wildlife Warden and was working with Yeoford School on a project for rewilding gardens.

She also spoke about residents’ concerns about possible future flooding outside The Duck in Yeoford.

Councillors discussed steps that had been taken to mitigate the risk and pointed out that the flooding two years ago had been after a short period of unusually torrential rain. 

Councillors agreed to support a planning application to Mid Devon District Council to build an oak framed garage at Cholwell, Posbury for Mr Dellamuro. 

It was noted that an application for a revised scheme to add a first floor rear extension to 4 Station Road for Mr O Dorrell had been approved.

Approved also was an application for a two-storey extension to 21 The Oaks, Yeoford, for Mr E Taylor. 


More financial quotations were needed for the erection of the bus shelter in the village.

It was reported that the district council had chopped down the vegetation growing at Bell Cottage at Woodland Head leaving it looking quite tidy, windows were to be boarded and an Urgent Works Notice was pinned to the front door.

This listed the work needed to be done including providing a temporary roof covering where the thatch was no longer watertight or missing, replace missing tiles at the back, reinstate missing sections of rainwater goods and to use a systemic weedkiller to prevent regrowth.  

A notice to indicate expenses incurred by the council would be sent requiring the owner to reimburse it.  It was felt the work was so urgent it would be done without delay and no further warnings issued.

Faint or totally worn out road markings were reported, among them the junction at Fordton Cross and at Marks Tree Cross near Yeoford.  

Also reported was the edge of the road slipping near Metford Bridge.  It was reported that nothing can be done from the field side to prevent this and Devon Highways will not do anything because it is the edge of the road.

What worried councillors was the amount of traffic using the road through Venny Tedburn, especially school buses and heavy lorries.