AT least 60 different herbs were set out for members of Devon Dowsers to try when consultant herbalist Ile Ashcroft spent a day with them on a Herbal Workshop this month. 

Held at the home of Tony and Carol Price near Yeoford, Ile who lives in the area and has a practice on Crediton High Street, said everyone had been able to learn about the herbs and what they do, sharing her knowledge of the herbs’ properties with people using dowsing to find which single herbs or combination would be the more beneficial for them and which work well together. 

Everyone took home their own blend of tea, having learned how to make their own. 

Ile says that herbal medicine is a natural way to treat many disorders.  She explained that in most cases it was safe to take herbal medicine alongside conventional medication but there were a few herbs that should not be taken with certain drugs, so people should check with their GP.

Ile is a member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, a leading international association of professional herbalists.  She believes passionately that herbal medicine should be sustainable medicine. 

It was a fun day for dowsers working with Ile and they took home various leaflets about herbs and growing them.   

Ile was asked to return for another workshop at some time.  Almost 20 Devon Dowsers members from all parts of Devon spent the day with Ile.