BOXES and packets of seeds, enough to tempt even those most determined against buying any more, filled the tables that stood down through the middle of the Boniface Centre on Saturday, February 24.

This was Sustainable Crediton’s Seed Share day, not just seeds but plants and then much information about the various other groups that come under the Sustainable Crediton banner such as Woodland Management and the Pig Groups.

There were several other stalls including Kate Povey for Orchards Live with information about apples as well as her own delicious Little Emlett pressed apple juices from individual named varieties.

Local hedgehog rescue groups under the label Hedgehog Rescue Mid Devon attended with information about these curious and enchanting little creatures and Significant Seams also attended, their stall included making paper impregnated with seeds to be planted and kits for making ever-lasting tulips.

As well as being part of the Sustainable Crediton Woodland Management Group, Paul McLoughlin was selling his photographs and cards in aid of Crediton Food Share.  

Bee keeper Imogen Hallam from New Buildings had honey, honeycomb and much information about bees.   Chairman of Devon Beekeepers’ Association, Simon O’Sullivan from near Colebrooke, had information about the Asian hornet, rapidly becoming a pest. 

He said that so far, it has not been reported in this area but it is only a question of time.  Two nests were found in Plymouth last year.

Advice is to look at the Asian Hornet Watch app or send photographs, location details and your contact details to: [email protected] if you should spot one.

For identification help and advice, go to: (British Beekeepers’ Association).  Choose Asian Hornet Action Team map from the dropdown menu for local contact details.

The Asian Hornet has yellow for the last part of its legs and a broad orange-yellow stripe near its tail. 

Recycling bikes and raising funds for Devon Air Ambulance was Graham Ley who lives near Crediton and began recycling bicycles about 10 years ago, raising funds for DAA.  

It all began when he saw an old bike destined for dumping.  Feeling it was a terrible waste, Graham refurbished it and, because he volunteers a day a week for the Air Ambulance, it seemed only natural to pass proceeds on to that charity.  

Last year was the first Sustainable Crediton event he was part of.  He thanked Steve at Ashton’s for the use of his cycle rack then. 

Graham is holding a sale of the refurbished bikes at the Sustainable Crediton Hub opposite the town square on the morning of Saturday, April 6.  

Others sharing the morning were The Turning Tides Project, Crediton Garden Club, Crediton Community Allotment, plus home made lunches made from donations of food that otherwise would have gone to waste. 

Members of Crediton Youth Orchestra played through the morning.  Only a handful of members went along with its Director, Alison Golby.  The Orchestra has about 50 members aged seven to 18 years.  

It is open to anyone in this age group, any instrument and if you do not have one, that can be provided.  It is for young people from the whole of Crediton and beyond.