LAST week a group called Crediton Urban Task Force (CUT!) started to improve the look of Exeter Road.  They continued the work on Saturday afternoon, April 6, clearing weeds along the pavement and between the cobbles. 

Path and cobbles weeded and brushed by [CUT!] working party.
Path and cobbles weeded and brushed by [CUT!] working party. (CUT)

Crediton Town Council is backing CUT! by remunerating the cost of tools and materials, signs, disposal of the rubbish and refreshments. 

Council staff are also helping in advertising a programme of fortnightly tasks around the town and communicating with all involved.  

CUT! is a community/resident-led initiative.

It says that Crediton’s pavements, kerbs. pathways, street furniture and other community areas has deteriorated due to cuts in local authority maintenance.

CUT! estimate around 60 hours of work has gone into this task, over two afternoons, involving between 10 and 15 people at any one time, describing it as a great success.

Hanging up a rubbish bag.  SR 9648
Hanging up a rubbish bag. SR 9648 (Crediton Courier)

A spokesperson added: “On Saturday, April 20 we move to the cut-through between Park Street and Spinning Path Gardens, and on Saturday, May 4, we will revisit the whole of the High Street (which was done at the same time last year, organised by IfC at that time).”

If you would like to get involved please visit the town council’s website or to know more: or email : [email protected].   .

Sue Read