ALAN Quick, the Editor of the “Crediton Courier” newspaper, was the guest speaker at the March meeting of Morchard Bishop WI.

He talked about the history of the newspaper, his years of work with the newspaper, about changes in technology and how it is now a digital-led multi-media business offering a news and advertising service for the area.

Members said that they had a very enjoyable afternoon, adding that it was one of the most well-attended meetings they had for some time.

Before the start of the WI meeting.  AQ 7702
Before the start of the WI meeting. AQ 7702 (Alan Quick, Crediton Courier)

The “Crediton Courier” began in December 1974 and Alan spoke about interesting and humorous stories and incidents he has reported on during his long service with the newspaper.

Morchard Bishop WI would welcome new members.