A CREDITON woman who is very uneasy with what seems to have moved into her loft earlier this year is at her wits’ end over what to do about the tenants.

Rats are a hidden part of life for many of us but not when they appear to be scrabbling around above the ceiling over our heads, especially a bedroom ceiling.

Molly Cole has lived on Mill Street for more than 12 years. She contacted Mid Devon District Council about the problem, a rat man came three times, she was charged £78 but the rats were still scampering in the loft.

She contacted the council again two weeks ago but was told no-one could visit because the property was nothing to do with the council. Molly said they put out traps but had caught nothing.

“We have had the noise all this year, always in the same spot in the roof and it sounds like several rats,” said Molly. “Black plastic bin sacks stacked in the driveway of next door regularly have holes in them, not what I would think were made by cats or dogs.

“There is a gap gnawed under the door to my rear entrance, my only fire escape from the back is through that door. My dogs always go to the same place by the fence when I let them into the garden where I am sure there is a rat run.

“My son works nights and sleeps here sometimes during the day. He has heard the scrabbling then too in the daytime.

“I’m a bit scared they might chew through the ceiling and come into the bedroom. The lady at the district council office said she would pass my message on, that was two weeks ago at least and I’ve not heard anything,” said Molly.

They have a pet rabbit kept in a hutch close to the house. All its food is kept secured indoors, the same with the dog food. Molly used to feed the birds in her garden, but stopped two years ago.

Crediton Town and Mid Devon District Councillor John Downes, who lives in the area, said he has not yet been contacted about the problem that appears to be affecting other people living nearby.