CREDITON Photography Club hosted the annual three-way meeting between Crediton, Okehampton and Dulverton, on Friday, April 6.

During the meeting all three clubs presented work which they have been engaged on during the current season.

Okehampton kicked off with a presentation by Erica Griffiths of her panel of prints based on her love of nature, and which secured her The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) qualification.

She showed us a variety of animals and birds, which were a delight to see.

This was then followed (also from Okehampton) by a digital presentation by John Phillips of his travels in South America. This started at the top end of Chile in the Atacama Desert, where it never rains and the landscape is spectacular.

He then travelled down to Puerto Natales in Patagonia on the southern tip of Chile. Puerto Natales is the only city in the province, and is located 247 km (153 mi) northwest of Punta Arenas.

From there he proceeded to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz, Argentina. The glacier and the icebergs which are formed by great blocks breaking off when it reaches the sea are quite spectacular and not be taken for granted as this can happen at any time.

From there he travelled to Lake Argentino al Calafate which is the third largest lake in South America at 1560 sq kilometres.

John informed the meeting that the images which he had shown were only a few of the ones which he took on his travels. He doesn’t enter competitions, so the images shown were taken purely for his own satisfaction as memories of his holiday, but nevertheless were very impressive.

At this point we had a break for refreshments of home-made cakes and savouries, during which time the three clubs mingled and chatted about what had gone before.

After the break we were then given a different treat by Nick Bayliss on how to create a jigsaw in Photoshop, which is done by creating numerous layers, a very lengthy process!

This included an example which he had prepared of a “selfie” which he then took apart in stages, showing an image of himself, having taken pieces of the jigsaw out of his image and holding these pieces in his hands!

This can apparently be automated by writing a programme in Javascript, not for the faint-hearted!

His final presentation was a compilation of two images of Exmoor ponies facing in opposite directions. Certainly gave us food for thought, something different to do with our images!

Last up was Crediton Club, during which Richard Burston presented an AV of a family of Russian bears in Finland.

This was then followed by an AV created of winning entries of all four competitions, after which we presented another AV of images created at various workshops which have been held throughout the season.

These varied from still life, water drops, smoke trails and models.

In all a very pleasant social evening which was enjoyed by all present.

Jeanne Whittaker