THE President of Colebrooke Women’s Institute, Valerie Pennington, welcomed members to our November meeting, which was held at Colebrooke Parish Hall.  

Our speaker was Colin Andrews, and other members of Winkleigh Morris, who gave us a demonstration of various Morris Dances.

Colin gave a history of Morris Dancing, which dates back to the 13th Century.

Morris Dancing almost died out at the end of the 19th Century.  Most of the dances done now originate from the Welsh Borders and the Cotswolds.

In some dances sticks are used whilst in other dances handkerchiefs are used.   The number of dancers for each dance also varies with different dances designed for three, four, six or eight people.

From the mid 1920’s to the early 1970’s women were excluded from Morris Dancing but now both men and women take part.

Winkleigh Morris began in 1990, initially with men but soon afterwards with women as well. They now have both a men’s and women’s side plus a children’s side.  

At the end of the demonstration, members were able to take part in a simple Morris Dance using sticks.  It was a very enjoyable evening. 

Our meeting in December will be our Christmas Meal, which will be at The Duck, Yeoford.  For further information, contact Andrea Armstrong on 01363 84198.