DEVON County Councillor Nick Way (Crediton Rural) is calling on the county council to complete works to install a handrail alongside the pavement on a steep stretch of road in Crediton.

Cllr Way described the delay in completing the works as “frustrating”.

He explained: “The elderly, particularly, find if difficult to get up the steep hill at Butt Parks/Winswood and after years of campaigning for it, and its approval on a list of works, we now find that DCC is ‘dragging its feet’.

“I was told that the work would be done in April and engineers came to do it but did not complete it.

“I believe they found that services under the pavement was the reason for the delay.

“Saying this, it was explained that the work would not be straightforward when it was listed, so the engineers just came back to say what we had told them.”

Cllr Way said he hoped the works would be completed in the near future and would be pressing for it to be completed as soon as possible.