THE President of Colebrooke Women's Institute, Valerie Pennington, welcomed members to the Parish Hall for our May Meeting.  

Our speaker was Peter Budd who showed us various audio visual presentations which he had made.

Peter is a member of three audio visual groups - Wilmslow, Exmouth and the South West Group.

Peter uses a computer programme to make the audio visual presentations but has taught himself along with picking up tips from members of the audio visual groups he attends.

The first presentation was entitled "The Golden Fleece" and was about the Woollen Trade in Exeter.

This was followed by "Silence of the Bells" for which Peter won a third place in a competition he entered it in.

It covered the refurbishment of the Colebrooke Church Bells in 2017 by Whites of Appleton.

Following this he gave presentations entitled "Still A Problem", showing lead shot being removed from a swan by the RSPCA Vet Hospital and "Mortar Stones", which was about Tin Mining on Dartmoor.

Peter also showed us two audio visual animations he had made for two challenges set by WAVES (Western Audio Visual Enthusiasts) entitled "Mechanical Man", which was an animation with a robot and "High Altitude", which had a space theme and for which he used parts of photographs he had cut out.

In the business part of our meeting members discussed where they would like to go for our outing in July and members decided they would like to go to Fursdon House.

Members also decided they would like to visit Coldridge Church, possibly in September, for a guided tour on the "Mystery of Edward V and the Princes in the Tower".

For our next meeting on June 13, we will visit Lewis Cottage Garden.

Members will meet by Colebrooke Church at 5.40pm for the visit at 6pm.

For further information, or if you would be interested in attending our meetings, please contact Andrea Armstrong on 01363 84198.