ZEAL Monachorum's School will be the subject of Bow and District Historical Society's talk by Erica Eden on Monday, March 25.

The talk will cover more than 100 years of the school's history from the 1850s; including what naughty children got up to, the lives and problems of the teachers, pupils’ memories, the building's development and much more.

It will be illustrated by slides from Erica's archive which she has been collecting since the 1990s.

The earliest photo is from 1915, given to the collection by Marg Brealy.

The teacher in the picture is Miss Edith Truscott but only one pupil has been identified, Fred Brealy (right, front row).

If anyone can identify others in the photo, Erica would be very pleased to have the information. 

Telephone Erica on 01363 82606.

The talk will be given at Bow Village Hall, 7.15pm for 7.30pm.