Apiary visit for Okehampton Beekeepers’ in July

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Monday 21st August 2017 5:20 am
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THE July meeting of Okehampton Beekeepers’ was held at Paul and Fi Reddaway’s apiary at South Zeal and was attended by more than 20 beekeepers.

Paul’s bees are kept in beautiful garden surroundings and the walk to the apiary passes a lovely hedge of blue flowering lavender in full bloom. Bumbles and honeybees alike were enjoying this forage that afternoon.

The apiary currently houses five colonies, including two nucleus colonies from last year’s swarms which occupy what is effectively a split national brood box with two half-width national brood boxes (a bit like Nucs without floors) above.

The remaining full sized colonies are in WBC and National hives. All of Paul’s colonies are on double brood allowing the bees ample room to expand the brood nest upwards. No queen excluders are used.

The meeting divided into three groups with inspections performed by Paul, Simon O’Sullivan and Will Pyne.

Will’s first inspection looked at a colony collected as a small swarm from Sticklepath at the end of May this year.

Meanwhile, Simon and Paul were inspecting the other full-sized National and WBC colonies, one of which contained two queens.

The stars of the show this afternoon were without a doubt, Paul’s bees. Although the weather was overcast and threatening rain, they were a delight to handle, staying on frames during inspection and never attacking.

The rain duly arrived later that afternoon, so the meeting adjourned under cover to enjoy a bring and share tea with drinks brewed and served by Fi.

Vice Chair Simon thanked Paul and Fi for their hospitality.


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