THE Junior Choir at Crediton’s Parish Church is a distinctive part of this renowned church choir.

Appealing both to children of families who have a tradition of church going and those who do not, the junior choir meets on Tuesday evenings (when practice is followed by social activities) and joins the adult choir on Friday evenings for part (for the youngest) or all of their practice for Sunday services.

Learning music is of course at the heart of what they do but comments from the choir members repeatedly stress the word “fun” too.

For many this is a start of a lifelong love of singing in a supportive and welcoming environment; many of the adult choir happily recall their days as a junior chorister.

Martha, the current Head Chorister, aged 14, describes it as “an incredible opportunity to adapt, learn, mature and most importantly have fun.”

She particularly enjoys being in the choir at this time of year as the choir dusts off Advent and Christmas carols when she feels the joy of singing her favourite songs once again.

Esther, now 10, who joined the choir when she was just six, particularly enjoys singing in the famous and beautiful cathedrals like Exeter, Gloucester and Wells when the choir goes on trips; she is also looking forward to gaining her ribbon in the Royal School of Church Music merit award scheme.

She adds: “Jon, our choir master, is a great teacher and we learn so much.”  Josh aged 12 says: “There is so much to look forward to and experience in the Junior Choir.”

Many of the junior choristers also benefit from financial support from the church’s Music Endowment Fund towards instrument lessons.  But to return to the fun theme, all of the youngsters were last week to be found in the Rectory Garden enjoying hot dogs while admiring the choir’s private firework display!

For more details about the choir please contact Jon Rawles, the Director of Music, by email: [email protected] or telephone on 07957 789923.

Jon commented that “while singing in a choir does necessarily need a real level of commitment, it gives an unparalleled opportunity to learn not just about music but also wider team and social skills in a safe and friendly environment.”