DEVON and Cornwall Police is warning residents to be vigilant following reports of telephone scams in which the cold caller is pretending to be a Police Officer/Action Fraud/from a fraud department or similar.

People have been contacted by fraudsters with a storyline to withdraw funds from their bank account or give bank cards to someone who will collect them under the guise of "assisting with a police investigation" or similar storyline.

The Police say that any Police, Bank, Financial Conduct Authority or Fraud departments:

• will never ask an individual to transfer money or ask them to purchase items.

• will never ask an individual to become involved in an investigation or assist them by transferring their own money or using their own money.

• will never ask for someone’s card pin number or full card details.

• will never ask you to withdraw your money and send a courier to collect it.

The Police advice is to hang up the call and wait for 5-10 minutes, or telephone a friend or relative to clear the line.

If you need to check a police officer calling is a genuine officer, contact your local police force by dialling 101 or via the webchat on the website: .

Talk to your friends and family about any cold callers and ask for their help and advice. 

If you have been a victim of this type or any type of fraud please contact your bank/building society immediately and then report to your local police on 101 and report to Action Fraud.

If you have any information or concerns, please telephone 101 or make contact via the Devon and Cornwall Police website.