WORKING towards their Local Knowledge and Photography badges, members of 1st Crediton Cubs were given a grand tour of Downes, at Crediton, by the owners, Henry and Susan Parker. 

They had a chance to explore part of the gardens before going into the house, seeing various ground floor rooms, ending with the Museum.  The history of the house - and ghosts - were explained by Henry Parker.  

The Cubs were surprised how many rooms the house has, the number of windows, and the history of a lot of its former occupants, including Henry’s great great uncle, General Sir Redvers Buller.

A Cub Leader said they had been expecting to go to a museum for their badge work, but being able to go to Downes was a fantastic help.

Taking a photo of Henry Parker with a sword.  SR 9533
(Crediton Courier)

The Cubs were treated to drinks and biscuits in the kitchen before being collected by their parents and guardians.  They also answered a short quiz set by Henry Parker.

Sue Read