ONE month into the bowling season and it is impossible to know whether to pack two sweaters and a mac or shorts and sunglasses!  

Friendly fixtures against Torrington and Feniton were cancelled due to the weather and last Saturday, May 18 the Section Four Ladies Four Wood Singles competition had to be stopped due to the thunderstorms that hit Crediton that afternoon. 

When the sun has shone there has been plenty of action starting with Liz Smerdon gaining some revenge over Nikki Payne by defeating her in the National Champion of Champion competition. 

Both friendlies over the past weekend ended in the games finishing three rinks each but as matches are decided by the number of shots scored on Saturday there was a defeat by 12 shots at the hands of Bideford Strand but this was followed up on Sunday with a victory by 25 shots at Chudleigh. 

It was a week to forget for the over 60’s Wednesday afternoon teams.  

The A team lost 8-0 away to Culm Vale and there was no joy at home either as the B team lost 6-2 to Morchard Bishop A and the C team lost 7-1 to Taunton Deane Eagles. 

If there can be any crumb of comfort then this is actually the first point that Taunton Deane have lost all season. Having joined the league three seasons ago they are beating everyone by the proverbial country mile as they climb the ladder to find their rightful place. 

The Thursday evening teams had mixed fortune as the B team won 9-1 away to Okehampton while the C team lost 8-2 at home to Belmont. 

As it’s a Bank Holiday weekend there is plenty to see so why not come down to Newcombes to enjoy the bowls. Social membership is available should you wish to partake in the offerings in the clubhouse! 

Fixtures: Thursday, May 23 EDL A v Exonia A 6.30pm; Friday, May 24 Club Night 6.30pm; Saturday, May 25 Section 4 Men’s Singles all day; Sunday, May 26 Presidents Day 2pm; Monday, May 27 Ladies Club Pairs all day; Tuesday, May 28 Friendly v Tavistock 2pm; Wednesday, May 29 Over 60s A v Pinces A 2.30pm; Thursday, May 30 Crediton Green v Sidmouth Blue 10.30am. 

Mike Canning