A LOCAL man has said he is thrilled to be in a position that his business is now able to sponsor shirts for two of his village football teams.

Barny Butterfield, Chief Cidermaker at Sandford Orchards, said: “I am thrilled that Sandford Orchards is now in a position to be able to sponsor both the first and second teams at Sandford AFC.

“I remember watching matches at Sandford when I was a youngster and I am delighted that the teams now have ‘Sandford Orchards’ on their shirts.”

Founded in 2002, independent, family-owned Sandford Orchards is based in Crediton, in the oldest working cider mill in the UK.

The area has long been known as one of the most fertile parishes in all of Britain, both for its grazing and ability to grow apples.

Crediton sits in the lee of the moors, so receives the right amount of rain and the right units of heat in summer.

Sandford Orchards takes a fresh, natural and low impact approach to producing cider.

With a recent rebrand and expanded capacity, Sandford Orchards is in a strong position to meet the needs of its fast-growing fan base as well as cider drinkers who want to trade up to something more authentic and better tasting.

Combining tradition and innovation, Sandford Orchards produces an award-winning range of core session ciders including Devon Red, Devon Dry and Devon Mist and fruit ciders; blackberry flavoured Fanny’s Bramble, Berry Lane using perfectly ripe raspberries, Old Blossom made from delicate Elderflower and an invigorating and zingy Cider Ginger.

Barny was thanked for his sponsorship by Adam Voisey, Sandford AFC chairman.