Crediton visit for local woman on slow walk for charity, Water for Kids

By Alan Quick   |   Editorial Manager/Photojournalist   |
Thursday 22nd March 2018 8:03 am
Caroline O'Sullivan will be doing a charity slow walk in aid of the charity, Water for Kids. ()

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A LOCAL woman is undertaking a slow walk, and is urging people to support her fundraising in aid of the charity, Water for Kids.

Caroline O’Sullivan explained: "After supporting a slow walk in Totnes, (inspired by the Spanish el paseo tradition and the international slow movement), I became interested in the potential I had to change something I felt passionate about.

"On Saturday, April 7, from 10am to 4pm, I will be doing a sponsored slow walk through Crediton, starting very slowly at the Farmers’ Market and ending at Crediton Congregational Church.

"Come and meet me, find out more, have fun, maybe sing a song! Slow down, connect, and savour the minutes rather than just counting them."

Caroline said she was inspired to do the slow walk as something for Lent.

She continued: "I have saved my loose change, dug out old £1 coins, to contribute to an incredible charity called ‘Water for Kids’, which improves health and education, reduce poverty and above all, save lives.

"As well as community building and connecting with each other, we can also reach out to the wider world.

"I often think of those who do not have clean water to drink, forced to put themselves and their children in danger of disease every day just to survive.

"I invite you to join me! Collect your loose change and help fill my bucket on the day, or visit My Donate Fundraising Page under Caroline O’Sullivan, Water for Kids. Every little bit added together can make a big difference.

"On my journey I would also like to compile a folder of artistic work of Crediton Celebrating Water, so bring along any A4 size pictures, poems or stories about water. Look out for my yellow T-shirt."

Further details are available from Caroline on 01363 82838.

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