Experts have shared the free and simple home maintenance jobs that could boost your property value.

Magnet Trade says that homeowners should maintain the upkeep of their property to help it stand out, increase its appeal and increase potential value by 10-12 per cent more than similar less well-maintained properties.

The average UK home cost £282,000 as of January 2024, so the value could increase by as much as £33,840.

Magnet Trade spoke to property expert Robert Barr, Sales Director at Kerr&Co, to find out which free house maintenance projects homeowners should prioritise to help sell their home quickly and at a good price.

1. Maintain your garden

Gardens are an integral part of maintenance.

“Keep shrubs, hedges and climbers pruned and remove ivy (or other creepers with suckers) from the external walls of your property to avoid damage to brickwork, maintain boundaries and repair fences where required.”

This ensures the structural integrity of your home stays intact, but it will also reduce moisture retention and increase airflow to reduce the chance of dampness when winter comes. This can be easily achieved with a pair of garden shears to keep plants tidy and damage-safe.

2. Check for any cracks that could compromise the home

Another important task that will not cost you anything upfront is checking for any cracks around the home. Spotting and filling small gaps around things like doors and windows will make your home more energy-efficient and weather-proof, but can also maintain the overall appearance of the space.

Robert advises, "Look around all windows, doors and any other openings in your home's exterior.

Caulk or weatherstripping can be used to seal any cracks and gaps, which can go on to help improve the efficiency of your home by slowing down heat escape, and also prevent pests like insects or rodents from entering your property.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining these features properly ensures long-term protection and comfort within your home.”

3. Monitor any areas where damp is likely to occur

While most instances of damp will only need a simple damp-proofing treatment, if you do not solve the issue early on it can go on to cause much more expensive damage. Before putting anything on walls or redecorating in any capacity, look at all your walls and ceilings to identify any areas where damp could be an issue so you can remedy it efficiently, or note where to keep an eye on for any future issues.

Robert explains “Commonly the damp has a cause and therefore can be rectified – some examples being; breached damp proof course, leaking pipes or gutters and unsealed conduits through the masonry.”

4. Carry out spot checks every few months

Barr recommends carrying out spot checks internally and externally every few months. “This would allow you to monitor and address any issues such as all painted surfaces, roof coverings, windows etc to make sure they are in good condition and fit for purpose. Monitor your drains every few months to ensure they are running freely to avoid costly repairs.”

If you are looking to truly maximise the value of your property with essential maintenance, Robert also advises budgeting 1.5% of your property’s value per year to cover costs.

Robert tells Magnet Trade that “Depending on location and age of property, we would recommend allocating up to 1.5% per annum of the value of your property, averaged over a ten year period.”

This means, on average, homeowners should be allocating £5,000 to house maintenance costs across the UK each year.

“Careful periodic maintenance will mean costs are lower long term – after all prevention is better than cure.”

Robert reveals that being proactive reduces the chance of issues burgeoning into more significant problems, becoming overwhelming and exponentially more expensive.

Robert tells homeowners “If you’re still unsure, seeking a secondary opinion from your local independent estate agents would be advisable.

“They can provide a second opinion as well as helpful insights into what buyers are looking for and therefore which maintenance tasks should be completed to get your house into the best possible and saleable condition.

“After all, they would have a vested interest in providing sensible advice making it easier for them to sell.”