THE service held at Crediton Methodist Church on Sunday, September 10 was led by Marjorie Ashley with the theme “Masterpieces”.

As a reminder of the Church Away Day the previous week, was the cross mosaic which was worked on during the day.

At the Away Day the worship and morning session focused on masterpieces. We thought about how we are created by God – how we are beautifully fashioned and that we are God’s work of art – in fact, masterpieces.

Marjorie explained some people were creative and helped to create the masterpiece of the cross, which was on show on Sunday.

Each small piece of paper had a printed design – these pieces are called tesserae and it depended upon the way they are coloured in, making them pieces of individual tesserae. 

There was no pattern to follow for each design – just creative choices between pencils and felt tip pens.

This reminds us that God created us. 

Just as we had the tesserae for creating our own patterns and they varied because of our choices, so it is with us. 

How we become, is dependent upon what we do with our lives; our circumstances, our abilities, where we go and what we do. 

It is these things that shape us into the people that we become.

Marjorie wondered how we feel about things that we have created? 

Are we thrilled, delighted or, maybe, disappointed?

Just as we have fitted all our individual pieces of art into a “work of art” – a masterpiece – and shaped them into a cross, it reminds us that all of us are brought together in God’s wonderful creation.

Yes, we as a fellowship are a masterpiece of God’s creation – for God loved us so much that He sent His only begotten son to suffer on the cross for us. 

Hallelujah – thanks be to God.

Bronwyn Nott