THERE have been some complaints that the electricians who put up the Crediton Town Council Christmas in Crediton Christmas trees are putting them up earlier than usual this year.

The task to put up the 120 trees and globe lights, largely free-of-charge to Crediton traders (although some do make a donation), began earlier this week.

Jo Ward, one of the electricians explained: “Some people may have noticed that the Christmas Decorations are appearing earlier than usual this year.

“I’m not one who likes Christmas to come too soon, in fact my family will testify that I often don't put my decorations up until Christmas Eve, so it was with heavy heart that it was decided that if the town lights were to happen at all, then the majority of the job had to be done early. 

“The reason is because a crucial (and the younger) member of the workforce of two, is not available after the beginning of November. 

“There are people who will criticise. There always are, but they seldom come up with solutions.  This is our solution to a last minute problem.

“Have no fear, the decorations will not be lit until the Switch-On event on November 25.

“We wish a Happy Christmas to you all. A bit early, but no apologies!”

Jo Ward (the older of the Christmas lights team)

The Christmas in Crediton celebrations will take place on the Town Square on Saturday, November 25.

There will be music, stilt-walkers and festive food and drink to get you into the Christmas spirit.

There will also be an opportunity to join in the lantern parade and much more to be announced.

The lights will be switched on at 5pm.

The event is organised by the Christmas in Crediton committee, a sub-committee of Crediton Town Council comprising many representatives from the community.