AFTER Mole Valley was paralysed from a total IT outage over the weekend, some of the business's systems beginning to be restored.

The reason for the outage is unclear, but the agricultural supplier was left with no viable payment systems over the weekend and Monday, and many stores were forced to close on Sunday.

About half of stores are operating close to normal, while Mole Valley hope to see the rest come online on Wednesday.

Newton Abbot and South Molton are currently open and available for all methods of payment - cash, card and booking to account.

Tavistock remains only for emergency farm sales for booking to credit account.

CEO Jack Cordery, said: 'Despite having a comprehensive and robust IT security system, we experienced a significant external incident on Sunday the 27th of August, which shut down our main IT systems.

'Fortunately, we picked this up immediately and took the necessary action to isolate the issue and protect the business. Since then, we've been working around the clock to restore our systems and allow our business to return to normal operations.

'The impact of no systems in the business has been very disruptive, and we've had to revert to manual operations in our stores. But I'm pleased to report that we're making fantastic progress in restoring our IT infrastructure and have prioritised getting the stores back operational.

'Currently, we have over half of our stores back to normal. With the expectation the rest will be back on the system by Wednesday.

'Personally, I would like to thank you for the understanding you have shown, particularly during this challenging period. Your continued support of the business is hugely important.'