AS animal charity the RSPCA reaches its 200th year it has teamed up with Crowdfunder  to launch #EveryoneForEveryAnimal, a new campaign to create a better world for every animal.

Nearly 60 RSPCA branches across England and Wales have launched their own fundraisers to raise money for their own animal welfare projects in their own communities, including Devon’s Little Valley Animal Shelter near Ide. 

At Little Valley donations will go to a Serenity Garden project, a scheme which aims to transform the field into a multi-use space that welcomes the community, commemorates the lives of animals, and increases the biodiversity of this area and encourages wildlife and habitat creation for many species.

Established over 30 years ago, Little Valley has been a steadfast advocate for animal welfare in Devon.

The centre works hand in hand with local RSPCA inspectors, addressing reports of neglect and cruelty as well as assisting  facing personal circumstances that prevent them from caring for their beloved pets. It relies on 95% of its funding from the generosity from local community support, fundraising donations, and legacies that enable it to continue to keep its doors open for all creatures great and small.

The RSPCA has come a long way since 1824 - when founding members met in a coffee shop in London determined to change animals’ lives.

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Inspectorate Commissioner said: ‘For almost two centuries, the RSPCA has been changing minds, laws, industries and lives to create a better world for animals and people alike.’.

‘Animals are now facing bigger challenges than ever as a result of factory farming, climate change, war and a cost of living crisis. In our 200th year we want to inspire one million people to join our movement to improve animals' lives.

‘We are incredibly proud of our network of branches across England and Wales and their dedication to animal welfare in their communities. We hope this campaign and their individual fundraisers will ensure they are able to continue to help more animals across their regions.’

To find out how you can join our million-strong movement for animals visit