Saving the Earl of Portsmouth village pub share offer extended

By Alan Quick   |   Editorial Manager/Photojournalist   |
Tuesday 20th April 2021 5:26 am
Allan Worden, chairman, the Earl of Portsmouth Preservation Society outside the Earl of Portsmouth at Chawleigh, which the Society hopes can be saved as a village pub. ()

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A CAMPAIGN to save a pub in Chawleigh is making good progress.

David Flavin, from the Save the Earl Campaign, told the "Courier": "The first six weeks of fundraising via our Community Share offer has yielded a total just under £100,000. We are really pleased with this and, as a result, we have decided to extend the share offer until mid-May.?"We understand that a lot of people have been worried about the financial implications of both the Pandemic and Brexit but, as time goes on, and restrictions are gradually lifted, there is a tide of optimism sweeping across the land.

"Soon we will be able to visit pubs again albeit with some strict guidelines. Sadly quite a few pubs will not be able to reopen due to a variety of reasons.

"Even more sadly some will never reopen but, according to CAMRA (and other sources), not one community owned pub has gone under as a result of the unprecedented economic crisis of the last 12 months.

"The reasons for this are primarily due to the fact that Community ownership is a truly sustainable model for running any business including Pubs.

"As owners of the building, all shareholders are invested in the idea of keeping the pub going as a vital part of the community.

"All shareholders (no matter how many shares they have bought) have an equal say in how the business develops. Any and every shareholder can propose an idea for a new service or use for the premises, which the committee will discuss with the tenants.

"The tenants, who will be selected after a rigorous interview process, must share the ideals of the Chawleigh Community Trust in that The Earl must be more than a pub.

"They will be keen and willing to develop the ideas of what the Community wants.

"If the business is to succeed and give them a good living it is in their interest to provide a wide range of services to attract a diverse group of customers.

"We all know that people are prepared to drive to a pub which has a reputation for good quality, reasonably priced food in a warm and welcoming environment.

"For this reason we are appealing to the wider community of Devon to visit our website: and read our very detailed and carefully costed business plan.

"Look at the share offer document and if, like 90 others who have already invested (including the current Earl of Portsmouth himself!), you want to own a part of your very own pub, fill out the online application form and BUY SHARES NOW!?"The pandemic has shown that in difficult times communities come together and rally round to support worthwhile causes.

"We believe this is such a cause, not just for us here and now, but also for future generations. Public houses have been the social heart of British communities for hundreds of years so come on everyone and invest now to make sure The Earl goes on for hundreds more years.?"Invest from £100 to £30,000, the choice is yours, and remember everyone has an equal vote, you will own part of the bricks and mortar and you may receive interest on your investment in the future.?"Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions you can email: [email protected] or call 07704 515060 - we will be happy to talk things through with you."

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