RECYCLING crews will be back in West Somerset on Friday for collections which were missed last Saturday.

The unplanned Bank Holiday for the Queen’s funeral meant recycling collections due to happen last Friday were rescheduled for the next day.

However, the short notice meant Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) was not able to field a full complement of crews and several routes could not be collected.

It is these collections which will be returned for on Friday.

SWP recognises it means these households will go two weeks between recycling collections, but feels it is the best way to minimise disruption across the county throughout the week.

The areas affected include parts of Williton, Doniford, East Quantoxhead, West Quantoxhead, Stogursey, Stringston, Fiddington, Nether Stowey, and Over Stowey.

Anybody expecting a collection on Saturday is asked to take extra care to ensure that it is ready for collection on Friday.

An SWP spokesman said: “These were unusual circumstances and we are doing our best to get things back on track.

“We are very sorry for the disruption and ask for people’s patience.

“The main message is that if you were expecting a collection last Saturday, we cannot get back until this Friday.

“We apologise and ask that you please make sure your recycling is out and ready for collection on Friday.

“We make around 350,000 collections each week and the vast majority go smoothly, but we know it is really frustrating when they do not.”

Tips for coping with larger than normal loads of recycling include:

Crushing, squashing, and flattening materials to make the most of the space in boxes and bags

Make use of your local recycling centre if you need to and can get there

Food waste can be double-bagged and put in your rubbish bin if it is becoming a problem

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