ON Sunday, October 1, 15 Quakers walked in continuing silence from Exeter Meeting House for a silent vigil in Bedford Square.

Exeter Quakers banners.
Exeter Quakers banner. (Exeter Quakers/Ian Martin)

It was one of about 30 other vigils throughout Britain that day.

Laura Conyngham said: “We were celebrating World Quaker Day.

“Alongside our clear and simple 'Exeter Quakers' banner, one specially made cloth picture depicted Earth going up in flames with 'Earth Vigil SOS' and another Earth in tears with 'Help'.

Exeter Quakers banners.
Exeter Quakers banners. (Exeter Quakers/Ian Martin)

"A beautiful patchwork proclaimed 'We do not own the world', and a sheet quoted 'Quakers bear witness to the humanity of all people'.

“Some of those who passed by took time to read our banners, while others hurried on.

"I found myself holding each of them in the Light.”