TORRIDGE District Council has announced the results of the poll for the election of six parish councillors for Winkleigh, which took place on Thursday, November 11.

The number of votes recorded for each candidate was: Rosemary Claire Crafter, commonly known as Claire Crafter (Independent) 127 elected; Angela Findlay 254 elected; Gregory Goldsworthy, commonly known as Greg Goldsworthy 195 elected; Alan John Robert Jacobs 244 elected; Joyce Anne Maddocks 235 elected; Royston Ernest Naylor, commonly known as Stone Naylor (Independent Non-Conformist) 192 elected; Alexander Phillips, commonly known as Alex Phillips 94; Susan Taylor, commonly known as Sue Taylor 122.

The electorate was 1,333 and 333 ballot papers was issued. The turnout was 24.98 per cent. No ballot papers were rejected.