MID Devon District Council now has lots of new faces to welcome following the declaration of results for all 42 district council seats in Mid Devon.

The Liberal Democrats have taken an overall majority with 33 seats.

The Conservative Party has five seats, the Green Party has three seats, and the Independents have one seat. 

Richard Foord, the LibDem MP for Tiverton and Honiton attended the count at the Lords Meadow Leisure Centre in Crediton.

He said that the LibDems received the votes because voters were saying they wanted change.

“This was due to the Westminster situation,” he said.

He said prospective councillors heard this on the doorsteps.

He added: “The public believed the money spent on the 3Rivers Housing plans was not spent well.

“In addition we had some fantastically brilliant candidates and I am so pleased for them all.

“ I am really chuffed that so many LibDem candidates have been elected.”


In seats in the Crediton area, there were tears from Mrs Margaret Squires who lost her seat by one vote in Sandford and Creedy.

Other leading Conservatives were also not returned, Clive Eginton, after 20 years as a Mid Devon councillor and the current Conservative Leader.

Peter Heal also lost his Upper Yeo and Taw seat as well as his parish council seat at Lapford.

Letch and Cochran win Crediton Lawrence

Frank Letch and Guy Cochran took Crediton Lawrence for the LibDems, Frank winning with his third LibDem running partner. Results were Letch 611, Cochran 556, Laybourn 307, Knight 254.

Turnout was 34.3 per cent.

Lib Dems returned to Crediton Boniface

John Downes and Jim Cairney were returned to Crediton Boniface with 494 and 497 respectively.

Upper Yeo and Taw

Natalia Letch, Lib Dem and Stuart Penny, Conservative took Upper Yeo and Taw with 561 ad 591 votes respectively.

Peter Heal, Conservative, lost his seat.

Sandy and Martin win Yeo ward

Sandy Chenore, LibDem and Martin Binks, Conservative are the new councillors for Yeo ward, gaining 553 and 490 votes respectively.

Other results were John Dean, Labour, 233; Angus Howie, Conservative 489, Danita Karpinska, Green 233 and Paul Perriman, LibDem 381.

Canonsleigh result

Jane Lock for the LibDems and Gill Westcott for the Green Party were elected to Canonsleigh ward.

Results were Christine Ann Collis, Conservative 375; Jane Lock, LibDem 786; Paul Andrew Osman, Conservative 333; Gill Westcott, Green Party 521.

Silverton results

Jerry Brook - Conservative - 86, Josh Wright - LD - 500

Leader loses seat

The Conservative Leader at Mid Devon District Council, Clive Eginton, lost the seat he held for 20 years to LibDem Steve Keable.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Steve Keable, when he took Taw Vale for the LibDems with 444 votes from Conservative Leader Clive Eginton with 383 votes exclaimed: Wow! Wow! Wow!

Way results

Polly Colthorpe, Conservative, retained her seat with 351 votes, Rosie Wibberley, Green, close with 344.

Cullompton Vale results

Rosemary Berry - Conservative - 87, Matt Fletcher - LibDem - 166.

Bradninch results

Piers Kotting - Independent - 92, James Ruttlidge - Conservative 49, Luke Taylor - LD - 650 (elected).

Cadbury results

Cadbury results:

Bob Deed 137, Linda Luckhaus 71, Jennifer Riddle 19, Rhys Roberts 277, Conservative (elected), Georgina Stone 163.

Crediton Lawrence Town Council

Elected: Frank Letch 608, Guy Cochran 526, Liz Brookes-Hocking 450, Rachel Backhouse 428, Giles Fawssett 340, Georgina Stone 439.

Not elected: Allman 347, L Andrews 325, D Langford 196, J Seydell 230.

Turnout was 33.8 per cent.

Crediton Town Boniface

Elected were: Steve Huxtable 293, Joyce Harris 334, Natalia Letch 449, Paul Perryman 346, Jim Cairney 548, John Downes 556.

Not elected: P Vincent 223, P Ratchford 223, Dee Ross 288.

Sandford Parish results

Elected were: W Crooke 270, David Crosby 188, Brian Fyfe 148, L Hooper 235, D Hope 206, Pamela Larcombe 171, Shauna Miles 166, P Sandies 170, M Snow 222, J Stephens 293, R Stoyle 237, R Ward 265.

Not elected: Blake 86, G Ford 106, Scotland 102. Turnout was 46.8 per cent.

Lapford Parish

Elected: Roy Andrews 213, S Briant-Evans 259, J Burrows 272, J Down 255, S Fletcher 181, Bill Graham 174, Alex Shapland 160, Abigail Whittaker 242, Ian Wilkie 228, Stacey Lumsdon 148.

Not elected: Peter Heal 148, Malcolm Hayes 113.

Coldridge Parish

Coldridge Parish elected are: M Bedford 96, Marion Born 116, C Burrows 130, A Green 122, I Kriznik 102, J Quick 86, John Smith 102.

Not elected T Kendall 81.