CHERITON Ladies Evening Organisation (CLEO) welcomed Paul Cleave back to our midst for the June Meeting.

Paul had loaded a table with cookery books and nutrition advice going back several years.

Several were produced to educate the "poorer classes", who would not have had access to exotic ingredients, but over the years many famous chefs, such as Escoffier produced "Guides to modern Cookery" (Escoffier worked at both the Savoy and Carlton Hotels).

Food fads are not just for the modern cook, a Doctor opened the Dartmoor House Hotel in Belstone, where vegetarian food was served.

During the two World Wars books were produced to help housewives cope with limited supplies.

Paul had brought with him some cake, which we were all able to taste, and at the end of his talk, we could look at the many different cookbooks he (and some members) had brought with him.

Our next meeting, in July, will be a visit to Lewis Cottage in Spreyton at 6pm, with a meal at the Tom Cobley Pub.  All enquiries to Chairman, Julia Sanders on 01363 866409.

Mary Nunn