NORMALLY Mid Devon Mobility provides help with mobility, day-to-day transport and health and well-being trips. Coronavirus may have put a stop to these, but our staff and many volunteers are keeping busy providing new support services to our members via our telephone befriending, and shopping/prescription collection services.  

Mid Devon Mobility would like to thank the staff at the Crediton Tesco store for going beyond their call of duty, ensuring we can obtain groceries to deliver them to our rurally isolated members.

This new Covid service enables us to stay connected to our members, helping keep them from total isolation whilst keeping them safe in their own homes.

Our members who are used to going out weekly on our Ring and Ride bus are all very appreciative of this new service, they say it’s nice to see a familiar friendly face even if it is from a distance!

Daryn Kingdom has been working closely with Tesco’s Community Champion Andrew Drayton, they have both been doing an amazing job developing and running this service and we cannot thank him and the staff at Tesco’s enough.

Ro Darlington, Chair of Mid Devon Mobility, said: “It can be very lonely when you have to stay at home all day, and can’t have visitors.

“Everyone can feel at a loss without their normal weekly routine of getting out and about and seeing people.  Some people have family locally who keep in regular contact and help with shopping.  Others don’t have this.

“Mid Devon Mobility is one big family of staff, volunteers and members, which is helping to ensure that everyone gets a regular friendly telephone call and help with shopping and other essential services if they need it.” 

If you know someone that could benefit from Mid Devon Mobility’s new services or if you would like to know more about its services please telephone or email as follows:

• Crediton 01363 773303 – email [email protected] .

• Tiverton 01884 242099.

Sarah Holmes