ARE you an artisan who would like to be photographed whilst making your work?

If so, Phil Smith, a local amateur photographer would like to hear from you.

He is trying to locate any artisan within 10 km of Crediton who would be willing to be photographed whilst making their work.

Each artisan can use the photos of themselves free-of-charge.

Phil hopes to produce a small booklet or magazine feature highlighting the craftsmanship in the Crediton area.

So far Phil has photographed Shaun Newman (a maker of fine classical guitars), David Buss (bespoke furniture) and Simon Ridley (an artist blacksmith).

Phil would like to hear from other people who make fine objects.

He has plans to include makers of coffins used in natural burials and local artisan potters, but would like to hear from any local artisan.

At the moment he is not including painters in his portfolio.

The 10 km radius from Crediton includes Black Dog, Thorverton, Brampford Speke, Longdown, Cheriton Bishop and Bow.

If you are interested please contact Phil Smith by email: [email protected] or 07971 258594.