I AM currently looking at the expensively-produced leaflet put out by the Liberal Democrats for the recent local elections held in May.

One photo is captioned "Affordable Parking Charges". Overleaf is another saying "Help with the Cost-of-living Crisis".

In your June 22 issue of the “Courier” you listed on page two, “Mid Devon's new parking charges” (or more honestly their "new car parking increases").

As far as I can see, ALL charges have gone up, some by 100 per cent plus (24 hours in St Saviour's Way from £5 to 12!!). NOT, I think, being true to either electoral promise above.

I'm afraid the Lib Dems have a well-deserved reputation for misleading, or worse, election promises.

Now that they are in power locally, we should judge them on what they actually do, not the fantasies they put in their literature.

Bob Edwards

former District and Town Councillor