THE service at Crediton Methodist Church on Sunday, February 25 was led by Rev David Greenwood.

A towel and basin were laid at the foot of the Lenten Cross as a reminder of Jesus’ humility and we remember the homeless who do not have a place to sleep or wash.

David spoke of the game “Aunt Jemima went on holiday”.

He said it gets more and more difficult to remember what she took with her. 

Jesus was heading to Jerusalem on His final journey when He would be arrested and die on the cross.

In Mark’s Gospel we read that He told the crowds and disciples they had to give up possessions and families, take up their cross and follow Him.

In Genesis we hear that Abram who was 99 and Sarai who was middle-aged were told to give up their comfortable life and set off with just what they could carry. Abram would be known as Abraham the “Father of Nations” and Sarai would be called Sarah and, although past child bearing age, would have children.

We Christians are children of Abraham.  Both Jews and Muslims call themselves children of Abraham. He has become the father of multitudes.

David asked what we would have to give up if God calls us?

Job, voluntary job, hobby or interest, family, self – would we do that for God?

When called to be disciples we have to give up things.

We read that Simon had to give up his name and become Peter. This illiterate fisherman would preach to thousands of people at Pentecost and would be known as “the Rock” on which Jesus’ church would be built.

David asked what we are called to do this Lent?

Discipleship is taking on things and putting down things we love. What are we called to pick up? Lent is not about giving up chocolate!

David said he is called to be someone else – who are we called to be in Lent 24?

Bronwyn Nott