LABOUR Party hopes of winning the Taunton and Wellington seat in the forthcoming General Election have been boosted by a national poll.

Latest polling by YouGov showed Labour was likely to do much better than in recent elections.

The data demonstrated the race to become the next Taunton and Wellington MP was likely to be much more competitive than in previous years.

The constituency is currently held by Conservative Rebecca Pow, who has been the MP since 2015.

In 2019’s election, Ms Pow dominated Labour’s candidate in the polling, achieving 53.6 per cent of the vote, compared with Labour’s 7.4 per cent.

Now however, local Labour representatives are confident that they will obtain a larger percentage of votes, claiming there will be ‘no need for tactical voting to defeat the Tory candidate’.

Taunton and Wellington Labour Party secretary Mike McGuffie, who is a Wellington town councillor said: “There is no doubt this is the best chance in years to elect a Labour MP in Taunton and Wellington.

“For too long, Labour supporters have been told to vote against the Tory instead of having a positive vote for change.

“This coming election locally is one where voting for the party you support is the best way to change the Government.

“The country has suffered for long enough and a Labour MP for Taunton and Wellington will be able to champion the area to a Labour Government.”