CREDITON resident, Joan Farley, has been knitting blankets for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home charity for the past three years.

She knits blankets for the charity’s dogs, cats and kittens and is grateful to people who donate wool.

Joan is helped by June, who knits blankets, Cynthia, who knits cats blankets and Christine who knits blankets for kittens and also donates cat’s treats.

Joan’s gardener recently took four boxes containing blankets, tennis balls and treats to Crediton Post Office for Joan to send up to Battersea.

When Joan telephoned Battersea to let them know the boxes were on their way she was very surprised when the chief executive she was talking to put Battersea Ambassador, Paul O’Grady on the line to speak to her.

Joan was a fan of Paul’s and said: “It was lovely to speak to him although it was very short because he was busy filming.

“I used to send Paul a Christmas Card every year and each year I got one back from him.

“Paul was such a lovely person and he did so much for charity. He will be very-much missed.”

ITV has confirmed that Paul O’Grady’s “For the Love of Dogs” final series, which was shot before Paul’s death, will be shown from Thursday, April 13.