AT the October meeting of Colebrooke WI, President Val Pennington welcomed members and two visitors who we hope will join our WI.

Drivers were arranged for our visit to John Lewis and it was decided to go to the New Inn at Coleford for our Christmas meal to support the new owner in his first festive season.

Everyone who went to the Red Earth Group meeting hosted by Down St Mary had a very enjoyable meal with an excellent supper and a very amusing speaker.

We were very pleased that our entry to the competition for a collage to represent the hymn “Jerusalem” was the winning entry and we now have the Rose Bowl for the next six months.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were without a speaker but we enjoyed a good natter over tea and biscuits after business was completed.

The competition for an autumn collage was won by our president Val.

At our next meeting the speaker will talk on “Is a diamond forever?”.