How Storm Dennis caused issues in the Crediton area

By Sue Read   |   Senior Reporter   |
Friday 21st February 2020 1:27 pm
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AN hour or so earlier and this van would never have attempted to get through the flood by Yeoford Chapel on the Yeoford to Whiddon Down road on Thursday, February 13.

This flood had extended at least 12 feet further on both sides but by the time came for afternoon school buses when this photo was taken, it was passable with care by higher vehicles.

The car had been abandoned much earlier and it was clear that water had gone over its bonnet.

Another big flood near Stockey Down on the Yeoford-Crediton road was cleared by someone with a tractor and equipment while the smaller flood near the Punchbowl Recycling Centre was mostly passable with care until it was cleared by the Punchbowl staff.

The bridge over the ford near Keymelford was also impassable for part of the day. All this meant that for a while people trying to get in or out of Yeoford were, once again, going round in circles trying to find a clear road.

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