by Alan Quick

THE density of a plan for houses at Pedlarspool (Creedy Bridge) in Sandford parish and on the outskirts of Crediton appears to be a sticking point between the developer and Mid Devon District Council (MDDC), the local planning authority.

At a recent meeting of Crediton Town Council policy and forward planning committee, Mr Simon Trafford, Area Team Leader, Planning Services Western Territory, MDDC, said that MDDC’s adopted position, as detailed in the current Local Plan, is to promote the site for redevelopment for 185 dwellings of which 35 per cent is affordable housing, the site also providing a new home for Crediton Rugby Club, commercial space or elderly accommodation and gypsy/traveller provision.He said that moving forward with the new, developing local plan the allocation for the site has changed to 200 houses (in lieu of commercial space or elderly accommodation) of which 28 per cent is affordable housing, also providing the new home for Crediton Rugby Club and gypsy/traveller provision.He explained that the Gleesons Developments planning application proposes 326 houses of which only 16 per cent is affordable, the site also providing for a new home for Crediton Rugby Club, no gypsy/traveller provision and reservation of part of the site for a primary school.

Mr Trafford advised that the current application is far in excess of the adopted development plan.

He told the meeting that MDDC has suggested to the developer to reduce the scope of the development so it is compatible with the development plan, as it is currently contrary to policy.

He outlined that the developer has refused on the grounds that the development proposal in the Local Plan is not viable.

Mr Trafford added that the next step is for MDDC to seek an external opinion on the viability of the development envisaged for the site as outlined in the Local Plan.The Crediton town council committee was told that the application is likely to be considered by MDDC’s planning committee in early 2018.

Mr Trafford acknowledged that it is highly likely that the scheme could go to appeal if the application is refused.

Crediton Town Council resolved to keep in touch with MDDC on the progress of the application, to look at major traffic issues relating to new developments affecting the town and to accept the invitation to meet with officers from MDDC and Devon County Council to look at traffic problem areas.


Persimmon Homes which was proposing to build 60 homes on land at Cromwells Meadow has submitted revisions to the scheme which now reduce the number of houses proposed to 49.

The revised plan also includes associated public open space, landscaping and all other associated external works.