IT’S not often that you have to ask people to give back their programmes and share, so that everyone could get sight of what was to come!

The box office for the Crediton Church Music Endowment Trust Concert in Crediton Parish Church this month exceeded all expectations and the audience of more than 100 were entertained royally and amusingly entertained.

There was music from “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” to “Little Polly Flinders”.

Returning to Crediton to retire and perform for us were Rev Prebendary Nigel and Tina Guthrie, along with local Canon and Organist of this Parish, Peter Gilks.

They treated us to duets, songs and flute solos.

The hauntingly beautiful Syrinx flute solo by Debussy was a real highlight played in the distance, as though off-stage to evoke real mystery and emotion.

The acoustics in Holy Cross were perfect for this and the enormous crescendo that came later from the Harrison and Harrison organ during the Georgi Mushel Toccata.  

We are most grateful to all three performers who gave their services and boosted our Church Music Endowment Fund to the tune of £850.

This goes towards music lessons for our Choristers.  

The concert ticket included tea and delicious cakes in the Boniface Centre afterwards.  A most successful afternoon was had by all.

No doubt everyone was able to get home in time for “Strictly Come Dancing”!

I'd give our performers a “10” too. Thank you to my fellow Trustees and everyone who attended.

Save the Date for Staircase Opera, who will be performing Operatic Extracts on the Terrace at Downes on Saturday, June 15.  It will be in aid of Crediton Church Music Endowment Fund. See you there! 

Penny Pearkes, Hon Secretary

Crediton Church Music Endowment Trust