FOLLOWING a packed harp concert and a full audience booked in for the screening of the film "Haunting in Venice", the next Warm Winter Friday evening event at Crediton Library will be an evening with a professional storyteller on Friday, February 23, from 7pm.

Chagford-based storyteller Lisa Schneidau will present the show "Magic Fire and Singing River".

Lisa will be performing a number of traditional fairy tales, many of which may be unknown to audiences, but with a twist. Lisa says that these are “stories of energy, heart and passion to lift your spirits on a dark winter evening”.

Lisa was born in Buckinghamshire and originally trained as an ecologist.

She has worked in the nature conservation sector for the last 25 years across the UK, in roles including farm advisor, river surveyor, political lobbyist and conservation director.

Lisa finds and tells stories that inspire, provoke curiosity and build stronger connections between people and nature, working with the oral storytelling tradition where traditional and modern stories are remembered, shared and passed on to others.

As with all of the Warm Winter Friday evening events, tickets for the show are completely free-of-charge and refreshments will be available.

This is made possible through a grant from the National Grid as part of a country-wide initiative, helping people to ease fuel poverty by providing warm spaces outside of the home.

Warm Winter events are organised by the Folklore Library and Archive, a registered charity based at Crediton Library and home to the Devonshire Folklore Collection.

To book your free seat, please telephone the library on 01363 772578, email: [email protected] or call into the library.