WITH more than 14 events over four days this month, Newton St Cyres will be alive to the sound of music of all kinds and to suit all tastes.

People can take part in music-making with the Exeter Community Folk Orchestra, "have-a-go" with the Ukelele Band, sit back in the wonderful church celebrating the 400th anniversary of William Byrd, the "Father of English Music", or enjoy the 1930s cabaret-style Jazz Deco in the Parish Hall.   

For those wanting to trip the light fantastic, there is more: ballroom sequence dancing and Honky Tonks line-dancing will get those feet moving and bodies swaying!

This first music festival came about when Christine Fraser and Nicola Baker wanted more music events in Newton St Cyres church, which has excellent acoustics.

The first concert, the "La La Choir" directed by Sam Abrahams, was booked with the added joy of an afternoon workshop for singers of all levels.

In no time at all, 14 events were then booked across the six different venues – from the Church and Parish Hall to the Recreation Club and The Beer Engine.

With the exception of three concerts, the La La workshop and the Sequence dance session, all events are FREE!

Taiko Drummers at the Recreation Ground will do three sets and give people a chance to "have-a-go" between each set.

Exeter Community Folk Orchestra will run an afternoon workshop – just turn up with your musical instrument – and then an early evening Orchestra performance with workshop participants joining inThe Festival is managed under the auspices of the Newton St Cyres Church Community Association with generous support from Devon   

Community Foundation. 

So, for those unable to get to Glastonbury, go to Newton St Cyres!  You will be most welcome.

Check out the Programme at: https://www.newtonwonder.net/music-festival.html .