A WORKSHOP to help people imagine a better future in Devon will be held in Crediton tomorrow, Thursday, September 7.

Organiser Madeleine Greenhalgh of Green New Deal Devon explained: "It can be hard to imagine what a positive future looks like in a changing world with so many challenges - many people simply don't have the time and space to think carefully about what a positive future might actually look like for them, their families and their communities.

"Also, very few actually ask their opinion. This workshop will use different exercises to help people spend some dedicated time thinking about this, and giving them a voice to share their views.

"There will be a presentation about the Green New Deal and its basic principles, giving a broad, loose framework for participants to build on. The ideas generated will be used to feed into building a Green New Deal in Devon and shared on the Green New Deal website (with permission from attendees)."

It will be held at Elephant on the Green, Crediton from 6pm to 9.30pm and a meal will be provided.

"I am very keen to hear from a broad range of voices,” Madeleine added.