Credition Lions Club members carried on serving others during the pandemic!

By Alan Quick   |   Editorial Manager/Photojournalist   |
Monday 5th April 2021 5:44 am

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Crediton Lions Club members helping at the Vaccination Centre in Crediton. AQ 0329

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THERE are some really great organisations which do so much for their communities, and one of those is Crediton Lions Club.

I recently asked the President of Crediton Lions Club what club members have been doing.

The President, Peter Bryan, said: “Now that we are coming close to the end of the series of lockdowns that we have endured, we are looking to the future with optimism that we can get back to our service objectives once again.

"That doesn’t mean that we have been doing nothing, quite the opposite.

"With our sponsorship of the Crediton Talking News we are pleased to say that we have managed by a variety of means to complete the production each week on time and without a single break.

"This has been achieved but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to have the variety of voices doing the recordings as we would have liked, but not long now before we really do get back to normal, serving almost 60 local visually impaired listeners.

"In addition, Lions have been able to donate £750 to Age Concern Crediton and £250 to Blood Bikes and also Crediton Foodbank.

"Readers will have seen the roses that were sent to Age Concern Clients and the hyacinths that were delivered to all the Talking News listeners wherever they live, from Barnstaple to Witheridge as well as more locally. The response was truly amazing."

Mr Bryan continued: "We were able to keep the planter near Lloyd’s Bank well looked after and this has given a bright look to our town centre throughout the year.

"Since January, Lions have responded with enthusiasm to the opportunity to marshal the car park at the Vaccination Centre. Many readers will have seen us there, rain and shine for the last 10 weeks.

"We have so far provided a massive 395 hours of volunteering and have enjoyed helping at what continues to be a smooth and slick operation in support of a large number of local Surgeries."

Mr Bryan said that meetings of the Club had been held in many different ways.

"Open air and socially distanced, to Zoom and telephone, Lions colleagues have kept in touch during this long and challenging period.

"Unfortunately, our age range is on the high side but as a result of our visibility we have now some helpers who are reducing our average a bit.”

How is that I asked?

Peter continued: “Alison Blair from Bow, who joined with us at the Vaccination Centre, has recently attended a few Zoom meetings and has seen us at work. Another supporter of much tenderer age has also expressed an interest.”

What of the future?

Lion Eric Parkes, a keen golfer said: “One of the first sports back on the agenda is Golf and we, with help from Downes Crediton Golf Club have organised a Charity Golf Day on Friday, July 9, 2021 at Downes Crediton Golf Club. We are very much looking forward to what will be our biggest effort this year.

"Our 2021 Charity Golf Day will raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Hospice South West.

"Charities, as you will know, have been adversely affected by the pandemic and it is our wish to help them with our 2021 Golf Competition.

"This will be our biggest fundraiser of the year. More of this to come in future weeks and of our visits to fairs and events during the summer."

Lion Peter went on to say: “June 12 is Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) ‘Campaign 100’ day in Europe and we plan to recognise that by highlighting the service that we provide and to talk to local people about Lions and our main worldwide objectives in support of Childhood Cancer, Improved Eye care, the relief of hunger, the environment and the fight against diabetes.

"And don’t let us forget Lions Message in a Bottle, a scheme that encourages people to keep basic personal and medical details in a readily accessible place, namely the fridge.

"There is a lot going on.”

Finally then what makes a Lion?

Lion Peter continued: "Lions make a difference, Lions are ordinary people who belong to one of the world’s largest service organisations.

"Lions are dedicated to the welfare of others less fortunate and Lions give their time freely to serve others."

For more information about Lions go online to "LionsClubsInternational" or, more particularly about Crediton, visit: or simply telephone 01363 773437 or 01363 82878.

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